Enterprise Parking Solutions Ltd is a car park management company contracted to manage parking areas. The company details can be found at the bottom of this page.


Q. Who is the British Parking Association (BPA)?

The BPA sets out the standards of conduct expected by those working in the car par management profession and all BPA members commit to the code when they join the association.


Q. What is POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appals) and how do I appeal?

POPLA is an independent appeals service who determine appeals from those who have been issued with a parking charge notice for vehicles parked on private land. Note that in the first instance, any appeal should be made directly to us as the car park operator. POPLA do not accept appeals without a unique POPLA appeals code which we will provide after your correspondence with us.


Q. I registered on the system and still received the ticket.

Our fully automated and audited monitoring trail shows clearly that the registration plate of the vehicle in question was not registered to the system. During the same period as the time in question, other vehicles were correctly registered and complied with the parking area’s restrictions. The driver of the vehicle is liable for payment of charges incurred.


Q. I gave my registration details a different way.

There is no record of registration details having been provided and were not captured by the means stipulated on parking area signage.


Q. I forgot to register on this day.

Any reason for not complying with the rules of the parking area cannot be relevant to the decision of the case. The vehicle did not hold a valid permit and as a result not authorised to park at the site. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they are properly compliant with any exemption requirements.


Q. I was not parked, I was waiting, loading, collecting or delayed beyond my control.

The definition of parking in this context is deliberately stopping on land for a significant period. It does not matter whether the vehicle is occupied or running. Grace periods are provided to allow for tolerances in temporary stoppage or delays, these are accounted for prior to the issuance of parking enforcement notices. Notable impacts could have been reported on the day, to the contact details provided on the parking area signs. For car parks managed with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, the time frame starts and stops when the vehicle crosses into private land, not just parking.


Q. I was not aware of the rules or led to believe parking was permitted.

Upon parking on private land, a motorist freely enters into an agreement to abide by the conditions of parking, in return for permission to park. Therefore, the responsibility is on the driver to ensure compliance with clearly displayed conditions, despite any representation made by third parties.


Q. I was a genuine customer using the facilities for which the parking area is intended.

Drivers must adhere to the stated parking terms. This includes customers of the facilities attached to the car park.


Q. This is my work’s parking area.

It is the responsibility of the car user to ensure that vehicle parking is done so in compliance with the rules for the parking area.


Q. Can you review CCTV imagery?

We use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology that records vehicles entering and exiting the parking area. These cameras are not designed to monitor movements of vehicles or persons within the parking area.