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Enterprise Parking offers State-of-the-art car park management services across the UK. 

We manage all variety of parking areas, from single space local business parking to large city centre public car parks. We can help any parking space owner achieve their goals. See our case studies here.

Our focus is on providing a customised solution that works for you, your customers and your staff. Prioritising considerate car park management to support you.

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Do you experience problems with vehicles parking without permission?

Maybe you have customer parking spaces, a staff car park, delivery access or even just a piece of land you want to stop people parking on. Whatever the issue may be, we can help you avoid unauthorised parking and keep a parking area free for its intended use.

We offer the most straight forward and cost effective tools in the industry with no ongoing costs.

Do you have a parking area you wish to be run as a public (pay & display) car park?

Our cutting edge range of equipment and technology allows us to setup and run public car parks of any size and complexity with maximum efficiency.

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Wheel clamping and vehicle immobilisation on private land was banned under the Protection of Freedoms Act in 2012.

At the same time, ticketing laws were made stronger, allowing anyone with a parking area to legally protect themselves against unauthorised parking. As a member of the British Parking Association (BPA), Enterprise Parking can facilitate ticketing on behalf of private land owners, giving you the power to protect your parking area whilst remaining anonymous.

How we can help

As a BPA approved operator, Enterprise Parking is able to issue legally enforceable parking charges on behalf of private land owners who experience unauthorised parking on their land. New technology allows us to do this accurately and efficiently, making it straight forward for the owner of the parking area. Our processes have proven their effectiveness, demonstrated by success with our clients.

Why us?

We have a proven record of satisfaction with our clients, this comes from our philosophy of maximising the experience for each client, such that we can grow through word of mouth and positive recommendations. We offer the most straight forward and cost effective tools in the industry with no ongoing costs.

In order for us to be successful, you have to experience a considerable reduction in unauthorised parking. We do this through the erection of clear signage to deter would-be offenders. For any remaining contraventions we give you the tools to inform us of the breach and we issue a parking charge on your behalf. This avoids repeat offenders whilst allowing you to remain anonymous and free to focus on your priorities.

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